An integral part of your Supply Chain

Prime Logistix runs a tight ship and is passionate about efficiency, safety and economy in the momevement of your high value commodities. Our strong values and ethics, committment to our people and customers, startegically positioned distribution centres, quality fleet and investment in technology has enabled us to refine the logistical process over the years.

We're committed to ensuring your goods are at the right place at the right time.

High Value Commodities

We consider ourselves specialists in the transport of high value commodities. These types of goods require specialised handling and security, which we can provide.

invested in technology

Our control centre is able to see where every single truck is and whether the engine is running or not.

The company’s Global Telematics Orchid system enables complete trip records to be printed out, covering where the truck went, its speed, driver breaks and so on. We can set exclusion zones on the software. If a truck goes into an exclusion area, alarms go off. Whether it’s a hijacking, piracy or an unauthorised detour, we know about it immediately. We use it as a tool for driver debriefing, which enables us to help them to be better, to drive more economically and to identify route improvements.

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